Friday, January 13, 2017

More Good News

Our Amanda received the below award:

We are SO proud of her!

I cannot believe that my "baby" is a 25 year old adult!

Congratulations Amanda!


She's in freezing Chicago!



Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Great news!!!

The happy couple:



Married: 2013

Starting/Advancing their careers:


And now:

Adding to their family:

Cannot wait!!!



It Does My Heart Good

I had this "crazy" idea to give my Goddaughter's kids a Quilt for when they moved into their new/renovated home! Missed the mark by a week or two...but finally got them done and delivered...on her it does my heart good that she sent me the sweetest pictures of them with the Quilts!




The pictures to me are so I think of the recipients if my Quilts in this EXACT picture...using/loving the Quilts until they are threadbare...


Here are the Quilts before modeled but my wonderful and ninja-like husband:




Back of Quilt:

Jack's obvious "DUCK" hockey fan:


And Abbey: she's a gymnast:


And a reversible tablerunner for the birthday girl:



Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Quilt Of Valor Presentation

I presented a Quilt of Valor to my brother-in-law, Steve on Christmas Eve! My sister Jennifer was kind enough to send the pictures she took:









Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Eve Day 2016

I am SO looking forward to ringing in 2017! 2016 was a challenging year for our family. My sister was diagnosed with ALS in January, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with thyroid Cancer and had a total thyroidectomy and radiation, then my husband was sick!

We are welcoming 2017 with open arms, but not leaving anything to chance, I have made our New Years Eve Soup with black eyed peas (for good luck)!

I have been longarm quilting all day today, and finished 2 quilts (all that is left is binding!)

I have a New Years Goal to finish 3 quilts and a special sewn gift for January 9th and it looks good that I can keep that resolution!



I have also collected the spools I used during 2016...I don't know why...just curious...20 spools!





Friday, December 23, 2016

What was I thinking???

I was thinking that I work with an awesome group of nurses! Nurses that do not get the praise and respect that they so truly deserve! We do not get enough respect from a money driven, (instead of people driven) administration, not enough consideration, empathy or respect from the majority of physicians (esp. ones who can't relate to being with the patients/families that they see for a few minutes each day, yet expect us to deal with the issues for 12 hours a day) and that they often avoid! We do not get combat/hazardous pay for the confused and/or drunk patients hitting, spitting, kicking, screaming obscenities at the person who is trying to "help" them.

We don't get "counseling" for dealing with death and dying on a regular basis or acknowledgement for dealing/grieving with their familie's...or dealing with the frustration and helplessness that surrounds you when your absolute best wasn't good enough.....

And mostly, we do not take the time to compliment/praise each other as we should.

So this Christmas is the best time to show a bit of appreciation to our staff and praise the career that is an honor and privilege to have...

My fellow nurses, I applaud, respect and wish you the best Christmas and happiest 2017 ever...






55 nurses in my unit!


Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Yes, it was my birthday, and I got some AMAZING gifts!

FACETIME in the morning with my eldest for an awesome, while opening the presents she sent!

One of THE BEST being my daughter, Amanda coming home for 14 days! YAH!

Did a little Christmas shopping...At JoAnns...need to make Amanda a new stocking!

Beautiful Flowers galore...

And dinner at TAPS:

My sister Jana and I Finished off the night by "trying" to put a dresser together for our guest room (without any help from hubster------he refused) and although a lot of laughing was done....the 72 parts did not come together as hoped! Will have to attempt again today! Wish me good luck!

That's right....72 pieces....I believe the words at the store when we realized we would be putting it together were (by Amanda)..."I really like puzzles, we can do this....girl Power!"