Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Special Spot

I made a Quilt of Valor for my brother-in-law at and presented to him at Christmas time!

My sister went home (VACAVILLE, California) and made a special spot for her husband of NAVY memorabilia. She sent me the picture. I love seeing his quilt in an honorable display!



Sunday, January 29, 2017

Road 2017

January 20th....last Friday....

We got an early start because of the rain. Theresa drove...quick stop at Starbucks...and we spent the entire day shopping, laughing, being inspired by all the Quilts in the show, and spent TOO MUCH money!

Here is the "loot" I brought home with me:












Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Quilting and Knitting an Other Updates

Our son-in-law left for a 6 month deployment on January 21:

He is on a Destroyer:

He is due back July 21st and the baby is due July 28th!

We are so proud of him and our thoughts and prayers are constantly with him!


The cold weather always makes the urge to knit impossible to ignore! I have made 4 cowls this last couple of weeks! One for my youngest daughter (who has yet to send me a photo), but modeled here by my husband:

And one for my pregnant daughter who graciously sent me a picture:


And 2 others not yet gifted!

And what is currently on my needles, a scarf that I am immensely enjoying knitting even though it is a more complex pattern then I usually knit:
My progress:
Also finished a QOV top for a veteran at work! It is now being quilted by Theresa:
Also on a whim (and because of a MSQC daily deal), I bought 2 layer cakes and whipped up a "Rouge One" Quilt for a friend, made extra large because her hubby is TALL and she has 4 boys who might cuddle under it!

Busy quilt made from one of my favorite patterns, DOUBLE SLICE from MSQC!

I think all the major players are covered:





And I wanted to mention how lovely it is to get a present in the mail! Amanda encouraged me on her last visit home to drink water....I was a caffeine free Diet Pepsi girl, who is now converted to a flavor enhanced water girl...so to encourage me she sent me presents:

I am only drinking water now, with 1 Diet Pepsi a day!

And speaking of Amanda, she is already being a great "Auntie", sending her Sister gifts for the baby to be:



That baby is already being spoiled!


Friday, January 13, 2017

More Good News

Our Amanda received the below award:

We are SO proud of her!

I cannot believe that my "baby" is a 25 year old adult!

Congratulations Amanda!


She's in freezing Chicago!



Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Great news!!!

The happy couple:



Married: 2013

Starting/Advancing their careers:


And now:

Adding to their family:

Cannot wait!!!



It Does My Heart Good

I had this "crazy" idea to give my Goddaughter's kids a Quilt for when they moved into their new/renovated home! Missed the mark by a week or two...but finally got them done and delivered...on her birthday...today...and it does my heart good that she sent me the sweetest pictures of them with the Quilts!




The pictures to me are so precious...as I think of the recipients if my Quilts in this EXACT picture...using/loving the Quilts until they are threadbare...


Here are the Quilts before gifting...as modeled but my wonderful and ninja-like husband:




Back of Quilt:

Jack's Quilt...an obvious "DUCK" hockey fan:


And Abbey: she's a gymnast:


And a reversible tablerunner for the birthday girl: