Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Weekend of Finishes!

I had a lot of projects that needed finishing for wedding, baby showers and one for Amanda:

Makeup bag with requested "superwoman" fabric:

Baby Dani (she's overdue!)


Wedding gifts:

Also overdue:

And another summer dress for my niece (ladybug request!)

And a finished baby quilt- made by Theresa, bound and labeled by me!


Saturday, June 25, 2016


My Father's Day gift ever... hero wears dog tags....


Melyssa in her scrubs...

And me...



Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's Been Forever

I cannot believe it has been so long in between posts!

A lot of "life" happened:

Nursing graduation:




Then we were off to Chicago to be with Amanda for her THYROIDECTOMY, we brought her home, she is on leave for 30 days and is doing well!



We stayed in Chicago (yuck!) for 5 days!



Best part besides bringing my girl home, was that I was able to visit a really cool quilt shop!

Ruined my "fabric fast", but a girl's got to shop at a quilt shop when in a different state!

On the quilting front:

The QOV QUILT for my uncle is done, ready to be mailed!

He served in Vietnam and I believe this picture was taken in 1968.




How cool is it that I was BRAVE enough to add stars to my quilting repertoire!!

Next loop de loops and hearts....??? Who knows??

Also made a dress to mail for a little girl in Africa:

Needs a little something.... Maybe black Ric Rac on the bottom!