Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter weekend

Just working on a few projects:

Realized how grungy my ironing station was:

So hubby and I reupholstered it:

Finished another block for my Anniversary quilt:


15 more to go!

Also made progress on two other quilts in progress and loaded the ""Anaheim Ducks " quilt on the frame, ready to be quilted! And made my bff a "piggy" cosmetic case that I forgot to take a picture of.


That doesn't seem like a lot going on, but it has been a pretty productive couple of days!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Midweek Doings

Feels like ALOT of work, but no progress on my QOV:



Ironed all these open while watching "The Voice" and "Criminal Minds" last night!

Making "Chutes and Ladders" pattern in red white and blue colorway!


Today I get to work on my favorite part-half square triangles!

Also made a "One Hour Fabric basket" for my boss: got my time down from last time!



Monday, March 21, 2016

Also a baby present

Also embroidered a blanket for a doctor friend, for her baby daughter:






Taking these treasures with me to the Sierras in September and designing and creating a new queen sized quilt for our bed! Love those colors! This collection is from Connecting Threads!



Sunday, March 20, 2016

Unexpected Day Off

Got to work today, realized there was someone else who could be "in charge", so I unexpectedly got the day off!

Decided to use this day as a get the "promised" things done!

I signed up for a "BAG SWAP" with THE SEWING LOFT recently--actually ahead of the game:

Also made the "WORK IN PROGRESS" bag for the same person:

Custom embroidered a blanket for one of my daughter's bff's wedding:

Embroidered a shower wrap for my daughter:

And made a cosmetic case for her bff:


Coffee stained a bunch of fabric:


And a little sewing with Aubrey:



Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lost My Sense of Humor.....

At work.....

It's been tough....people can be so unkind.....

Then I saw this, and got some perspective.....guess I needed some introspection and time to regroup!


So to have some perspective, I have used my expired RN License as the perfect sewing guide for a perfect 1/4 inch seam allowance. This will remind me that it is this job/career is what pays for my "hobby"!!!!!!

Thank you, Bonnie Hunter for the help!



Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Amanda Update

My Amanda finally got to start her "A" school training in the Navy. She has been waiting since January 1st. She will be in intense training for 18 weeks, and then she will get orders for her next station! She seems excited about these new classes!

Hard to believe she will be 25 next month! She has such a sweet baby face.
I was able to FACETIME today with Amanda!
She finally got her care package with the scarf and pillowcase I made her, and as usual, she loved her homemade stuff! We also sent along foods she can make in her dorm with just a microwave!

I love her "deerly"!!!! And miss her much!


Ducks Quilt is a flimsy

On Justin's birthday, my nephew working in Djibouti, I finished his hockey quilt top:



I back will be Anaheim Duck fleece!

I also made these little baby booties! Just trying out baby patterns!

3-6 months size.

That's all!



The DUCKS are all in a row!




Tomorrow I will see the rows together! Then quilt!


My nephew's birthday today, and I am trying to get at least the top finished so I can send him a picture he is on a job in Djibouti, Africa. It is uncertain to me when he will be home, but I at least wanted him to see this today! It is like 104 degrees there, but it will be nice for him to know that when he gets back home this will be waiting for him.

Obviously, he is an Anaheim Ducks fan!