Monday, June 27, 2011

Update of this week

Been absent from the blogging this week. Sorry, been under the weather these last 3 days (migraine). But before that it really was a wonderful week!
Got to go to the Del Mar Fair

And saw the Doobie Brothers in Concert:

I had forgotten just how many songs they sang that I grew up with and LOVE:
Listen the Music
Jesus is Just Alright
Rockin' Down the Highway
Long Train Running
China Grove
Black Water (my favorite)...Mississippi Moon won't you keep on shining on me!
Take Me In Your Arms--(rock me, rock me a little while)
Takin' It To The Streets

Anyway, you get the idea....FUN TIMES!!!!

Thursday I had dinner to celebrate my friend Susan's Birthday. It's so nice to get together and just go someplace new (yes, she's my most adventurous friend)and catch up, shoot the breeze and solve all the world's problems!

Friday, Theresa's husband Scott gave me a gift---yes, a 2 disc CD of all the Doobie Brothers Greatest hits. I am downloading to my ITOUCH and keeping the CDs in my car to rock out to! Much appreciated! Thanks, Scott!!

Anyway-----Quilting update:
FINISHED ALL 12 OF MY RED, WHITE AND BLUE SWAP BLOCKS, will mail them out today!

Still working on these 2 projects, making good progress:
This quilt is made from the scraps left from Jeff's quilt, with a few thrown in for me! Although you can't see it from these shots, the middle will end up with a heart formed from the white middle strips!

The Tumbler quilt was made using my Accuquilt Go! Super easy to cut and the blocks match up so well...I love it!
My Daughter, Amanda claimed this quilt for her own as soon as she saw it!

That's all for now.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Remote Caddy

My daughter, Melyssa requested a copy of our TV remote caddy:

So I bought this:

And now she has this:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Volunteer and then Shop, Shop, Shop

Theresa and I had out first sewing day, volunteering to sew blankets for THE JOYFUL FOUNDATION!

Of course we had a blast laughing and sewing and learning a thing or two from other quilters we met:

Then "T" and I went to do some secret Father's Day shopping (spent money)!Shshshshsh!

Then went with hubby at SEARS to buy him a new table saw (someone recently robbed his from our open garage, thanks AMANDA).

On the way to Sears, I saw a sign that said $2 Fabric. Miraculously, my hubby's truck pulled in......what a shocker....well who am I to complain...more $$$$ spent:

AND the fabric was 54 inches wide instead of 40------my longarm will love me!

Then after purchases at Sears (to be discussed later), we went to a new Restaurant that was on the way home:

They give you a bib.... bring your order to a table covered with butcher paper, and you peel and eat the shrimp, clams, potatoes, sausage and corn. Yummy, but super messy! We loved it!

Well, better go to bed before I start surfing the web and spend MORE money!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun Day

Still working on my Red, White and Blue Blocks:

When I paper piece, I usually do only one block at a time, but this time I tried chain piecing all 48 blocks. You don't get as much satisfaction, and it seems you have to wait forever to see the results, but when I sew the last (#7) pieces on I will be done with all the blocks....waiting to see if this is better (I know it's faster)...

Theresa and I went to the JOY FOUNDATION to volunteer our services (sewing, cutting, etc) blankets for babies and kids in the hospital. We have our "orientation" on Thursday!

While we were in the shopping center that houses the JOY FOUNDATION, we were HYSTERICALLY laughing when we saw this kiosk... it was SO small, but selling material: we figured that this was the size quilting store we could afford:

Mailed my Secret Pal (from the quilting forum) her gifts today (they call them "squishies" on the board). Hope she likes them. This is the first time I've mailed to New York.

Also, finished cutting and mailed out my 125-5 inch squares---all the way to Rhode Island.

That completes 2 swaps---1 more to go! Don't think I will ever do that many at a time... it's alot of pressure, mostly with the mailing part.

I REALLY enjoyed the Secret Pal Swap and I will definitely do that again!
Haven't received my box yet, but I am looking forward to it!

Baby comes home...

Amanda comes home tomorrow.....yah!!! Mommy and daddy missed her:

But glad she had fun with sissy in Virginia!!!

Happy Birthday, Susan

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Dropping my baby off at the airport (ok, she's 20, but still MY baby! She is on the way to Virginia to see her sister, Melyssa and Darkel for a week. She's SO exicted, she didn't sleep all night.

We will miss her and hope she has a great adventure! This is the first time she has wondered from home for any length of time AND the very first time she had taken a plane, switched planes,and had to do adult airport and travel I sound worried????'s Amanda......what could go wrong??

OY......stay tuned.....

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Favorite Men

I am so lucky to have been with my 3 favorite men last week. Darkel, unfortunately was here to visit his dad in the hospital, but at least it gave me a chance to see him and hug him up!

Monday, June 6, 2011

I know, I I needed something else to do!

Well, I had insomnia last week-up at 3am-nothing to do but surf the web. Made it to my favorite quilting forum and signed up for 3 different swaps.

A Red, White and Blue Swap. That means I make 12 of the same 12 inch blocks, mail them to the coordinator and she mails me back 12 different 12 inch blocks from 12 different people---then you make a quilt for yourself with all the blocks!

After on total disaster, I decided on this block:
My other 2 swaps are easier: the 5 inch red and white swap is just to cut out 125 5inch squares of red, white or red and white material and send them to the coordinator, then you get 125 red and white squares back. It will be so cool to see all the different fabrics you get!

The third is a secret quilt pal swap- you can only spend $10 dollars, so you get to see how creative you can be with all the scraps and stuff in the quilting room that won't cost anything to make---super fun!


Maxine....tell it like it is

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Signed, Sealed....Delivered

We made these for our friend. She is giving them to her two sister's when she goes back to IOWA next week!