Friday, October 23, 2015

2 more One Hour Fabric Baskets

I cut out fabric for 4 baskets, but 2 are gifts, so I can show the 2 I made tonight. One is for my daughter, Amanda and one is for T:


I made these with double batting on each piece of exterior fabric and added batting to the handles to make them all more sturdy! I think I like these better than the original. The next ones I am making with form flex!


Happy Fall...y'all

My doctor took me off work until Saturday, and told me to relax, so I finished this quilt to a flimsy and plan to quilt it tomorrow!




Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tablerunner Class 2015

I had the annual Tablerunner class---reversible tablerunners the Thanksgiving/Christmas.

A great time was had by all:














Thursday, October 8, 2015

Oops, forgot to insert pic

Nice of Dave to send this message!




A Bit Un-Focused

I HAD to put needle to fabric and test out my "idea" for the jelly roll Sherwood bought my when he was out of town last week!

Of course I started with my favorite strip (blues and lavenders), which by the way was the one my daughter Melyssa picked out when I asked her to pick out a strip for me to start with! The block turned out nicer than I even expected! Just 1 1/2 inch black strips and the jelly roll strip!


And now, just look at all the yummy colors that will see into blocks to follow:

I can see this being a "manly" quilt! Sherwood asked me what my plans for this quilt are, and I think I gave him the stink eye! Who needs a "plan" for a quilt?

These are other quilts that I am working on that I have no "plans" (recipients) for:

In all fairness, the following are my "leader and Enders" ala Bonnie Hunter and Quiltville quilt-a-long:

I just used my Accuquilt cutter and cut small tumblers out of "Autumn" scraps! Only the light color was purchased! I am sure I have enough to get 2 quilts out of these!

I just LOVE straight sewing all these pieces! ZEN!

Here's a random picture sent to me this week of my husband's friend's son still using the quilt I made him with his name embroidered on it....he is out growing it and I have been commissioned to make him a full sized "Curious George" quilt for Christmas!

I am waiting for fabric to come in the mail for 3 quilts now, then I will be powering them out!



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lucky Wife

My husband is in Novado on a quick trip! AND he remembers his wife and goes to buy me fabric at the local quilt shop! Who else's husband knows terms like "jelly roll" and "fat quarters"?


Gonna whip something up soon! Already have a pattern in mind!


Monday, October 5, 2015

So..."1Hour Basket" Pattern

I interrupted all my "should do" projects to make the "1 Hour Basket".

It probably would take me about one hour next time, but I make templates this time, so I could cut this out easier next time to save time! So it took me:

Not too bad!


A little too floppy for my taste, next time I will use double fleece, or maybe thicker fabric. I will also add interfacing to handles! Otherwise this pattern was very easy to follow and I had a cute result!


This would be a perfect baby shower gift, stuffed with diapers, or bibs and burp pads