Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Saying

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. -- ---Angela Schwindt





Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bad news

It's never a great day when you call your mom to give her an update on her new rooms (did I mention she is moving in with us?) and she says, "I cant talk because I cant catch my breath". So I hang up and call the Assisted Living Front desk to tell them and they say they know and the nurses are in the room with her. I say, "I'll be right there!" and drive like a bat out of hell to get there. Upon arrival, I see a firetruck, ambulance and paramedic rig. I RUN to her room and she looks pale and like SH#T. She still cant catch her breath despite the oxygen, so we run to the hospital and they do a million tests (there are times that I am SO glad that I work there-everyone was SO EFFICIENT,PROFESSIONAL and KIND to us!!) and we end up with a diagnosis of Bilateral Pulmonary Emboli-clots that go from one source (yet to be identified) to her lungs. So she is blood thinners, oxygen and TLC for a few days.


In the meantime, my sisters and brother and brother-in-law and HUBBY moved all her stuff out of Assisted Living and in to her new rooms. I am so grateful to them for working so hard while I was jst sitting by moms bed doing nothing but waiting for news on my mom and visiting. We all had dinner together and made plans for this weeks caring of mom-we are getting used to taking shifts so sh has company! I ordered a medication dispensing system that shoots out a cassette of scheduled meds at certain imes of the day so she doesnt miss and we dont have to worry about keeping track of them. It also TEXTS you to let you know that they have been taken! Not bad for $1000.00- replaces a medication Nurse.


Mom should be coming to her NEW HOME on Monday!!!

On a quilty note, look what I bought from Missouiri Star Quilt Company:



Have no plans yet for who I am making ths for, but I have put myself on a fabric diet until Road To California Quilt Show in late January!!!




Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby bird leaves the nest

Our youngest, sweetest little one (21) is moving to Escondido today!

Our nest will be empty until my mom moves in on New Years Eve!

I was so sad watching dad drive away, and wondering what the future holds for all of us!



Wordless Wednesday


To: me

From: hubby


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Proud of these!

Sometimes you make something that you are really excited/proud of! I know they are just simple stockings, but I really LOVED the process of making them out of scraps!! All the material was already in my stash! The ONLY hard part about these, was that we have construction going on in our house (long moving in Jan 1st, 2013, so we are knocking the wall out between 2 rooms to give her her own bedroom and living area!) In the meantime all the stuff from my sewing room has been put in the garage....then my daughter moved out of the above mentioned bedroom and her stuff got put in the garage...plu my hubby got all the Christmas stuff down from the rafters and I have yet to put it in the that is in/around my sewing finding things needed for sewing, ie...thread, stabilizer, etc...has been challenging! These stockings were made for my niece and grand-nephew (that makes me sound so old)! I will be giving them to Sara and Ryder on Thursday!
The scraps came from this quilt (which I am giving to my sister Jackie as a hostess gift for having ALL of us over on Christmas Eve:
The back is already loaded on the frame (got Maxine Fabric--cuz Jackie and I think Maxine is hysterical)and I will be loading the front today and quilting on my midarm BAILEY!! Also made this covered tissue box for ME:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A finish, a Flimsy and a Prototype

Finished embroidering on Amanda's boss's new baby's teddy:
And while watching:
Which by the way, I think is good, but not as good as "Downton Abbey". Can't wait until January to see next seasons! I finished piecing the front of the Christmas Quilt":
Then with the scraps from this quilt, I made a prototype of the Christmas Stocking that I want to create. This first one is for my 1 year old grand-nephew, Ryder. The next will match for his mom (my niece), Sara!
And accompanying me today (yeah, right, (more like hindering) are my two big, goofy but lovable pets: Prinz:
And Bailey: