Thursday, July 30, 2015


Jana received her new "Kings" purse that I made for her and sent a picture:


Her husband posted these old photos from the Sunday newspaper "Home" section when I was seven! My 15 minutes of fame! These were shot at Disneyland:






I still have the Alice in Wonderland dress:




Good memories!












Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'll Tumble 4 You

Ok, enough BOY GEORGE from 1983!

I have always had a love for the tumbler pieces! So of course I joined the 2015Leader and Enders Challenge with Quiltville (awesome Bonnie Hunter). But....I got carried away and soon it became the focus of my nocturnal quilting!

These are 3 inch tumblers from Accuquilt cutting die!

I made the 38 rows of 41 horizontal blocks=queen sized quilt for our bed, but had too many leftover tumblers to ignore, so I whipped up this "extra" quilt last night:



Every single piece of blue is from my scraps!

AND....I still have leftovers...perhaps a baby quilt or Tablerunner!

I also finished the "YoYoGabbaGabba/Monsters Inc quilt and put on top of binding! Will sew this to the back while watching a video with mom later today!

Had extra material on my Longarm after quilting the above, so I added a piece of fabric that I have been hoarding since my trip to New York with my buff, Susan long ago! I really want to get better at my Longarm quilting, so I figured if I had a really busy fabric (thank you Jinney Beyer) no one would look too closely at my practicing! I admit! I did improve as the pattern repeated! Muscle memory....yay!

I will send this ruble runner to my sister, Jessica! The reverse side is Monster's Inc, so she can turn it over when her grandson visits!

Read this today from Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville)! She sure "gets" quilters!

____Bonnie Hunter

That's all!!










Sunday, July 12, 2015

On a roll!

Had a great time this weekend sewing and finishing projects:

A donation quilt:



A cosmetic bag for an RN at work who loves owls:

And a "yo Yo GabaGaba"/monsters Inc quilt for a friend at works daughter,



The dogs on their new beds:


Christie sent a picture on July 4th of her and her family enjoying her birthday quilt:

And My Amanda sent me a picture with her new Tablerunner on her dining room table:


As far as the "Tumbler Leaders and Enders Quilt", I got carried away and sewed all my tumblers into pairs! I had to steal some more triangle white fabric from Theresa and I still need more! I got a pretty good start tho! I want to make this into a queen sized quilt! So far I gave over 500 pairs! I really had a good time with my scraps, it was fun to reminisce about other quilts these fabrics were in!




Sunday, July 5, 2015

Leaders and Enders---TUMBLERS

I am joining the Quiltville Leaders and Enders 2015 Quilt Challenge:


I spent a good deal of time today just cutting my blue scraps into tumblers:



It really didn't feel like I busted a lot of blue material, but I bet I have enough tumblers for several quilts! We'll see!

Happy 4th!!!