Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oh Happy Day

The little angels received their quilts! My niece sent me pictures of them with their quilts! Since we can't be there to love them up, the quilts have to substitute and wrap them in love!

Aren't they adorable? And so well behaved! Auntie Jo wants to hold them!


Also, dropped off a reversible "Autumn" Tablerunner at my bffs house and she was kind enough to send me a picture!


I kept very busy trying to crank out some of my Christmas orders this last weekend! I should have some pictures up sometime this week!



Monday, September 28, 2015

Starting my Christmas Orders

I am trying to get ahead of the game and get my Christmas orders done, so I can concentrate on my Christmas gifts!

I was commissioned to make a GRINCH Christmas quilt, almost done, just need to trim and add borders, quilt, then bind!

AND there seem to be ALOT of pregnant people I know, so I am whipping up burp pads, bibs and tactile blankies!

The boys seems to be outweighing the girls!

Also, in between, working on my Anniversary quilt among other projects!

I loved the look and work of applique, but it is slow going!



Sunday, September 13, 2015

Halloween Quilt Finished

This is a Halloween quilt I started last year! I strip pieced it onto telephone book paper! The squares were finished before Halloween last year, but I put the project aside (who knows why) and took it out to take it to the cabin to finish! When I got all the rows put together, I didn't like the look, but I had no other material with me, so I couldn't finish it. When I got home, I bought black material to separate the rows and I liked that much better, it broke up the busy-nish of the many strips!


I finished it tonight at midnight!


It's still busy, but better! It is a shame I don't LOVE it, because strip piecing was fun! I don't think I will make another like it, unless I do half of the squares in a solid, and half in strips!



Monday, September 7, 2015

Bonus Trip...on the Way Home

Sherwood googled for a quilt shop to stop at....on the way home....


I found a bunch of goodies that I haven't seen at other shops:

They had kits for almost every pattern that was on display-I love that---often for the first pattern, I like it to be exactly like the sample, then if I make it again, I use my own picked fabrics! This Halloween sampler is TOO cute!



Doc and Al's 2015

Sherwood and I spent a relaxing week up in the Eastern Sierras at a cabin.



The cabin was fully equipped, but Sherwood always brings the quilt I made him to put on the bed:



So, while Sherwood does a lot of this:



I do a lot of this:



Started and finished a super easy charm pack quilt. I have had this material hanging out for ages and this seemed a great time to do super simple, relaxing sewing!



Sherwood picked some Aspen, Crabapple and other leaves for me and I traced and then. Made about 70 turned under leaves to applique into a fall quilt and runner:
I also took the 80 blocks I strip pieced so I could make 1-2 quilts, but when I sewed the rows together....disastrous eye, so, so, busy...I had to rethink and possibly add plain rows in between to make the quilt I actually went to work on some baby bibs and burp cloths....tons of relatives and friends are pregnant! I also made red and blue binding for our niece's twins due soon....those two quilts are almost done!

And I added 1 more flower to my garden:

While Sherwood was out fishing, I had birds and chipmunks to feed and they kept me company and entertained!






And a gorgeous view of the stream and countryside! Right from our balcony!

We ate some great meals and and out of the cabin....had to go into town to get any kind of reception!

The only "fly in the ointment" is that I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring! I only noticed it when we were on our way home! We turned around and searched the cabin, but no luck! When we got home we searched through all our luggage and camping/quilting gear and still.....nothing!




We will get through this dilemma together! I was rather in love with my ring, so that was sad for me!

Other than that, being away without electronic devises (not counting my Bernina), was nice......unplugged is a great change!