Sunday, May 17, 2015

A little bit of sewing and quilting

On the frame:


Just bind and put a label and sent to Jeffie!


Twins for a new RN at work, Sadie and Scarlett, so I embroidered little monkeys:

Speaking or embroidery, also did these 3 projects lately:


My friend's new puppy carrier:
My sister's Kleenex box:

And all the while still working on my Anniversary Quilt:















A little bit of this n that

Haven't done much lately! My house has been an unusual amount of chaos! We got beautiful new wood tile floors in all our carpeted areas, so we moved out of our bedroom for about a week, cleaned out all the drawers (yuck) while we were at it, made several trips to Goodwill to donate a bunch of stuff! I had to put so much stuff in my sewing room (because of course it rained during this time) that I couldn't even move around in there or find things......but all SO worth it....what an amazing transformation:



Sherwood painted our bedroom a beautiful shade of Carribean blue and the tile and new drapes went in!

And our bathroom (the room that started it all) was tiled-both the floor and baseboards!

I'm in love with this new flooring!








Tuesday, May 5, 2015

31st Anniversary

Yes, we celebrated 31 years today!

We went to a restaurant by the beach at sunset! The food was delicious, and the company outstanding!

I am a very lucky, spoiled gal!



Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jeff's Quilt is a Flimsy

My brother asked for something from each sister to add to the decorations in his front room!

This is my contribution! I hope it goes wells in his house! I love the masculine fabric!

I will put it on the frame later today, after I get a backing together!




Recipient Feedback

This week I received a lot of thank you emails, cards and photos!

My sister, Jessica had requested a runner and "something to hold her reading glasses in,so I made her a tissue box with pockets---in "beach themed fabric"per request:


My daughter, Amanda sent a photo with her friend's baby boy Nathaniel! I made him a ribbon/Angels/Raider blankie:



And here's MY baby holding him:


Also, a great thank you and picture of the aprons I embroidered for a friend's business,

The Day...Your Way, an event planning and awesome company to facilitate (and more) your special occasion!


Also a beautiful card from my co-worker for her special birthday:


Don't you just love friends and loved one's who actually acknowledge their gifts....I do!