Sunday, May 18, 2014


Been working on alot of little things:

An embroidered blanket for a dr's newborn son.



Some hexies to add to my 52 already finished ones


And finally got Erics quilt on the frame!

My son-in-law took my daughter and I for a pedicure!

They got evacuated from their house in Escondido and stayed a couple of days with us! Here they are dressed up for a formal wedding on Saturday....aren't the a beautiful couple?

Hope to be finished with all my little projects,plus Eric's quilt by Tomorrow night!

Also made sewing pjs for Theresa and I-for our lazy sewing days!


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  1. I actually like when a bunch of little things happen. The crossing off my to do list looks like I accomplished allot. And your projects are wonderful. I may just go out and pamper my toes today! Thanks for a nice idea! Also your daughter and son in-law look so nice!