Saturday, April 30, 2016

Best Find this year!


I already have about 10 quilts I want to make out of the 62 in the book:




AND this book was only $9.99 on Amazon for Kindle!


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Just Bragging


My son-in-law seems to excel in anything he does! This is just another example of his ability to to rise to the top!

I am so proud of him!



Friday, April 15, 2016



QOV Flimsy

The Quilt Of Valor for my uncle is a flimsy!!!

It was a time consuming, challenging pattern at times as I probably re-sewed, picked out and re-sewed the same block about 20 times before I got the orientation correct. Just on the last row!! Maybe I should have quit for the day, but I convinced myself I could persevere, and I did! Finally!

On the frame now: quilt for my sister newly diagnosed with ALS:





Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bag Swap

I recently joined a Bag Swap and this is the amazing package that I received from my swap partner:


I never even told her I LOVE hearts:


Or that I use a card holder:


I love everything I received!



Saturday, April 9, 2016

Moving Along

I am working on several projects:

But first interrupted to "fix" my daughter's Nike bag and jeans:

I was actually pretty proud of myself for fixing the zipper in this bag. I had to take it completely apartment, place a new zipper, than sew it back together again


Also"fixed" the hole in her holy jeans: patch under hole.
Here's Amanda sporting a beanie I knitted many moons ago, perfect for chilly Chicago!
Quilt of Valor-got all 64 blocks done:
Just need to sew them into rows, hopefully tomorrow. It will look something like this:
I made the scraps from this project into hsts:
First 4.5 inch blocks:
Then scraps from those:
Then scraps from those:
I do not know what pattern for these, the opportunities are endless, but for sure at least one pinwheel quilt out of them.
I am really enjoying making this quilt, even tho it is labor intensive!


I also whipped this up for my sister recently diagnosed with ALS.

Bunch of 12.5 inch squares with fabrics representing some of her favorite things-golf, Angels, coffee,cooking, etc....

AND on the frame: my nephew's Duck quilt!

This WILL be quilted tomorrow, I can procrastinate no more!

In the meantime, also working on 4 other quilts for my goddaughter's 3 children! 2 completely with fabrics from my stash, one still in the brainstorming stage!