Sunday, May 29, 2011

Man plans....God laughs!

This is one of my friends favorite sayings! It is SO true!

I had PLANNED on getting the top of my scrappy strip quilt sewn yesterday, but God had other plans.
My daughter's boyfriend is stationed at Norfolk, Virginia. He got a call by his sister that his dad was involved in a bad motorcycle accident. Of course, being a nurse and being married to a nurse and being so close to the hospital in San Diego, California my husband and I felt the need to go to check it all out. Actually, we love my daughter's BF and knew that was what we needed to do so they could be at peace for the night, as he couldn't fly out until today (you know you have to be granted leave by your C.O.)

Luckily, his dad, Tony, was MUCH better than we had anticipated, of course we see the worst of the worst at our hospital, so to US he looked pretty good (that means stable). He will be extremely sore and on the mend for a while, but he was conscious and that says it all to us!

Darkel is now in California, and visiting with his dad, Melyssa stayed in Virginia to hold down the fort!It will be so good to see him before he leaves!

So pictures of the quilt to follow.....GOD WILLING!


  1. How nice that you were able to check on him and that he's doing ok!

    We may end up at Norfolk too! Do they like it there?


  2. Glad he is doing ok. Accidents are no fun. At least you were able to look in on him.