Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy...

The good kind of busy:
Been celebrating Christmas and my Birthday for days....or so it seems:

Friday was Christmas Shopping Day with my sisters (and one brother reluctantly tagging along):

The day started at 11am and ended around 2am--I had such a great day...alot of shopping and eating and drinking!

December 10, we celebrated Debra and my birthday. Paul (Deb's hubby) made us a wonderful meal-steak (bbq'd perfectly), baked potatoes, asparagus, cupcakes and ice cream...yummy). Here's our bday presents:

Discovered a new drink this season called the Coronarita, forced Jana to have one so I could take this picture:
December 11, 2011 Sunday
Worked 13 hours, then attended the Crazy ICU party: didn't take too many pictures, but a great time was had by all:

Woke up December 12th (my actual bday) to:
Got wonderful presents sent from Melyssa:
And Amanda elf:
got me these:
My wonderful husband spoiled me by getting me an iphone (my first) AND he picked up my Gracie, (Bernina 730) from the hospital where she was recovering from a full arrrest. Now I have my machine back and I can conquer the million embroidery projects that have been waiting to get done!
Also, we had a wonderful dinner at Villa Nova--we watched the decorated boats circle the backbay while we ate wonderful seafood pasta dishes and dessert-chocolate souffle:
Wow...feel like I need a rest from my days of wonderfulness!!

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