Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Proud of these!

Sometimes you make something that you are really excited/proud of! I know they are just simple stockings, but I really LOVED the process of making them out of scraps!! All the material was already in my stash! The ONLY hard part about these, was that we have construction going on in our house (long moving in Jan 1st, 2013, so we are knocking the wall out between 2 rooms to give her her own bedroom and living area!) In the meantime all the stuff from my sewing room has been put in the garage....then my daughter moved out of the above mentioned bedroom and her stuff got put in the garage...plu my hubby got all the Christmas stuff down from the rafters and I have yet to put it in the that is in/around my sewing finding things needed for sewing, ie...thread, stabilizer, etc...has been challenging! These stockings were made for my niece and grand-nephew (that makes me sound so old)! I will be giving them to Sara and Ryder on Thursday!
The scraps came from this quilt (which I am giving to my sister Jackie as a hostess gift for having ALL of us over on Christmas Eve:
The back is already loaded on the frame (got Maxine Fabric--cuz Jackie and I think Maxine is hysterical)and I will be loading the front today and quilting on my midarm BAILEY!! Also made this covered tissue box for ME:

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