Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Few Halloweeny?Thanskgivingy Things

I spent the last few days (while I was out sick from work) working on a few things! I am making a Bday quilt for my sister-in-laws 50th bday in November: Pictures to follow when I get it off from the quilting frame. Then I made a couple of runners for Jana:
And a hot pad for Halloween and 4 coasters for me:
Then a Thanksgiving Pillow:
Then I got a great idea to start a Fall quilt out of a layer cake that Theresa got for me at Missouri Star Quilt Company (I ordered one and she ordered one, but mine never came, so she gave me hers--great quilty friend) and I decided to make the 10 Minute Block Quilt.
I still need to sew the blocks together and finish applique-ing (sp) the diamonds down, but all in all, it is a very easy and fast good looking quilt, if I do say so myself!! I will definitely use this pattern again!

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