Monday, May 27, 2013

Great Post Got Me Thinking

I somehow got to this post:

I think I got there from a post in a post, in a post... Anyway, taking time to ponder and doing that creative thing that comes to you in the spur of the moment is not something that I often do (unless it's seeing material online), then I have lots of ideas for what I "will" do with the material.But by the time the material comes by mail, I am frequently on to other things. Rarely do I honor those spur of the moment ideas...there's ALWAYS too much on my To Do List....

So this article has inspired me to look within and become more "present" in the present and to really appreciate and give in to those intrinsic ideas...and see what follows when I do....stay tuned!


Memorial Day....always remember and give thanks to those who have and continue to serve..remember....freedom isn't have to pay the price, sacrifice...for your liberty!



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