Friday, June 14, 2013


Today, I felt an "abundance" of good luck!

1. The day started off in my nearly finished quilting studio, with one of my besties, Susan. We measured the space where my fabric stash is to go, and our contractor (her very talented husband) is building shelves to hold my fabric stash buckets!



2. I got a brand new stereo/bluetooth installed in my car (if you know how much I love my 70-90's music, and my podcasts, you would know how great this is for me).



3. The stereo was an upgrade from a previous stereo that is in my Camry (that Amanda is now the proud owner of).

4. The stereo was LESS expensive then my old one AND an upgrade! I love PIONEER stereos!

5. I WALKED to Joanns Fabrics from the stereo shop and met Theresa (my best quilting friend in the whole world). It had probably been almost 6 months since we've hung out at Joanns and we had a blast!


6.i found the flip flops for. My daughter's reception---yes, the girls will dance comfortably----bought 50 pairs for about $1 each-yah!

7. Continued to shop and found our FAVORITE pin cushion AND it was on sale! It's my favorite, because it holds a pair of scissors in the middle!


8. EVERYTHING else I bought was on sale,too! With coupons!!!!!!

9. Got a card for super duper discount coming later!

10. Got a ride back to pick up my car----from Theresa ( too far to walk with all the loot I bought at JOANNS)

11. Enjoyed my stereo all the way to lunch!

12. Met my bestie, Susan for her Birthday Lunch!


13. She loved her gifts!


A tshirt quilt with her running shirts (half marathons? Crazy friend! You can get a WhoopWhoop!)


14. She got me a super gift too! And it's not even my birthday!

15. Got some fresh veggies (I love me some cucumbers!!) from The Svoboda Garden!



16. As always, had a great lunch, with great conversation and LOVE that we can fix all the problems of the world (if anyone would actually ask us).

17. Challenged Susan to a contest of best use of 1 1/2 yards of material (due July 3rd), inspired by:


The rules are to use this fabric in a "no sew" craft/crafts! Glue guns acceptable!

Competivite much.......


18. My mom, (a recluse lately), agreed to go shopping for some clothes! We spent the afternoon together and bought tons of shirts, shorts and pants for her!


19. Went to get the mail-----looks what's waiting for me:
Grinchy Christmas material (fat quarter pack)
McCall's button material---now I can finish the borders on MY quilt!!
I am home now, but thinking about going to get some lottery tickets!!!!!!

Happy Flag Day!





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  1. Don't you just love it when EVERYTHING goes right during the day?? Although it is seldom, we have to stop and notice the abundance of joy that spills on us on those beautiful days. Your blog made me smile. Your gifts made me happy. Your friendship makes my life so much richer! Love you!!