Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Confessions of a Hoarder

I have this unshakable thought that keeps running through my brain! I have become completely dependent on reading glasses since I turned 50. My prescription rapidly went from a mere 1.0, to a 2.0 in record time, but at least I have stayed at 2.0 for a great while.

My younger sister, Jana, asked if she could borrow some glasses today. She is a mere 1.0, so I thought I could pass on my old glasses to her. So I went in search of the glasses. I looked in my sewing studio, my nightstand AND the basket by my bed that is their rightful place!



These are just some of them! I find them for less than $5, and I HAVE to buy them.....what if I need a pair and can't find them???

Yes, My name is JoEllen, and I am a reading glassaholic!


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