Saturday, August 15, 2015


I'm working on sorta kinda matching quilts for a boy and girl twins! Our niece and nephew-in-law are due in October, but probably will deliver early, do I am trying to get these done for the shower later this month!

Marvel's Super Women:


And for the boy twin, Marvel's Super Men:



Just need to add names, borders-then quilt and bind!

Pretty good work for today!

And my quilt is finally off the frame:

After I cut both the batting and backing too short! I actually hand stitched both while on the frame because I could not figure another way to add to it!! Now I am chanting, "measure twice, cut once" over and over!

Well, it's off the frame, the binding is sewn on, just have to stitch the binding to the back! Hand stitching the binding down is usually my favorite part of the quilt, but in this 95 degree heat wave, it may be more of a chore! But I must get this done!M

Also, the top of the matching pillows are done, just need to finish-hopefully tomorrow!



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