Sunday, September 13, 2015

Halloween Quilt Finished

This is a Halloween quilt I started last year! I strip pieced it onto telephone book paper! The squares were finished before Halloween last year, but I put the project aside (who knows why) and took it out to take it to the cabin to finish! When I got all the rows put together, I didn't like the look, but I had no other material with me, so I couldn't finish it. When I got home, I bought black material to separate the rows and I liked that much better, it broke up the busy-nish of the many strips!


I finished it tonight at midnight!


It's still busy, but better! It is a shame I don't LOVE it, because strip piecing was fun! I don't think I will make another like it, unless I do half of the squares in a solid, and half in strips!



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