Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me

I enjoyed my 55th birthday so much! I was teased about now being old enough to get a "senior citizen's discount". Not funny (even if it's true!)

My birthday morning started when my husband presented me with an iWatch! It will probably take me until my next birthday until I learn all it's capabilities!

Shortly after that, my best quilting buddy, Theresa picked me up and took me to our favorite fabric store, M&L. On the way I got to unwrap several gifts from her, including a gift card for a massage, many, many buttons for my button collection (she has been collecting them from as far as Japan).

We did some major damage there!


Fun times!

Went to "TAPS" for late lunch with Melyssa and Sherwood!


Then, as I requested, home to relax for the rest if the night!



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