Friday, February 26, 2016

Testing, testing....1...2

Tested AGAIN the "One Hour Quilt" pattern...still not satisfied with the flimsy result!

I tried two different methods this time. One with the the exterior fused with "Heat N Bond Ultra Hold" and another fabric layer (when fused used as exterior), then a layered with batting as instructions say.The second method was exterior fabric, temporary basting spray, and a layer of "TIMTEX" instead of batting, and then instructions the same as pattern

The results:
The winner without a doubt is TIMTEX! The sturdiness is exactly what I wanted in a basket---a basket not so easy to flop!
And I am gifting it to my bff, although we did not get together today as planned!
The other basket is mine and I have made a wise decision to put all my "personal journals" in them in an attempt to stay more organized and save time! I swear I spend half my time looking for these journals as they hold all my favorite patterns (both quilting and knitting) in them, and I am forever searching for them!
I also finished #20 pineapple block (out of 36) for my "Anniversary Quilt":

I also FINISHED! the scarf for Amanda (Chicago is COLD!!!):




I have been knitting since 1982, and only recently read an article that says for COLD weather, the scarf should be as long as the person is tall, so this scarf is 64"-----another great thing about being in California is that the scarf is basically an accessory, not essential to keep you warm!

But having been to Chicago in the winter, I can attest to the fact that you have a VERY hard time keeping warm.....and then the wind.....oy!


A care package will be going out my baby!

She also got her care package today, and sent me a pic to thank me!





I love and miss her so much every day (she makes me laugh and smile like no other!)



  1. I have made some one hour baskets and find them very "floppy" too. The pattern does call for fusible batting which is very expensive in Canada so I didn't buy that yet. Have you? I will look for Timtex. I hope we do have that here.
    Your Pineapple Block is gorgeous as is your daughter. ;^)
    scrap(dot)and(dot)quilts via gmail(dot)com

    1. This is the 3rd and 4th "One Hour Baskets" I have made! Tried it with fusible and then double fusible batting-still too floppy! Definitely still too floppy---TIMTEX was definitely the product I will be using for all my baskets in the future.