Saturday, May 7, 2016


Made it to myself some baby love!

Sophia and Jackson are SO MUCH FUN!! And so kissable!

8 1/2 months old!



Vincent is a SMART, BUSY BOY.....SO CUTE:




He's almost 2 years old!

And AJ: a sweetheart and fisherman extraordinare: I

Sherwood was his fishing buddy!





Florida was so much fun!

We were totally spoiled:

Cuban dinner hosted by Frank and Chantel the first night, dessert ice cream made but nitrous oxide-yum-Brenda's treat!

Lunch (Nicoragian food) hosted by Chris and Vanessa!

Mother's Day Brunch hosted by Vanessa!

Then bbq at Frank and Chantel's beautiful house!

And Brenda was our personal chauffeur for our whole trip!

We sure we're spoiled!

It was great seeing everyone and being able to spend time with all the nieces and grand nieces and nephews!

To Fort Lauderdale tomorrow to catch our ship!




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