Saturday, July 9, 2016

Juli's Birthday

The first part of my day was sucky! Had to drop Amanda off at the airport to return to Chicago. She had been with us for 30 days (recovering from surgery!) and we had the best time together!

I tried to convince her to go AWOL, but she wasn't buying it? Just kidding!


Spent her last day doing a bit of shopping:


Getting mani/pedis:


Had our last dinner together last night!

Celebrated my second oldest sister's birthday (a little late due to her recent surgery).

A great time was had by all!








Brother, Jeff was nice enuf to let us invade his house while he was busy winning the jackpot for the biggest fish!

He came home to dinner and Tripoly!

My sister, Jessica joined us today and I made her "Dime Bag" for Tripoly. She caught on quickly!




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