Saturday, November 12, 2016


What Am I working on? A little of this, a little of that!

Got an itch to start a new pattern: microwave bowls:

Super convenient, since I was eating split pea soup and didn't want to burn my hands getting the hot soup bowl out of the microwave! I just put the bowl in the cozy and microwaved my soup...presto burnt fingers, but very hot soup!

So I made a few more:

As I mentioned before, many weddings and babies coming at work

Wedding present for a " ROOKIE", and one for my nephew and his new wife, Paula:

Michael is in the Navy and was deployed shortly after they moved back home to San Diego!

Michael also re-inlisted for another four years in the NAVY!

We Are so proud of him!



Yes, lots of babies!

Also got some pictures sent of 2 of my sister' grandchildren, Delilah (opening a gift I sent her) and Ryder ( his school picture).


And a picture of the newest family member, Colton with his Nana, My sister, Jackie:
Then today my bff, Susan, owner of The Day...Your Way sent a picture of the banner we made for one of her party's:

I am supposed to mail a Christmas quilt that I made for my dad and stepmother on December 1st, but I cannot find the border fabric I received for it...I have looked everywhere.... oh well....keep looking...


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