Friday, February 3, 2017


Theresa and I finished and gifted a "TINK" baby blanket for Jade:

And another made by us for a trauma doctor who just had a girl:

And working on a wedding quilt for my husband's best friend:

On the knitting needles:


A scarf for my youngest daughter! I am enjoying this knit stitch immensely! I just have to concentrate on row #13, or frogging is inevitable!

This is what our quilt show two weeks ago looked like:

And this is my newest favorite picture: Melyssa


Baby bump-14 weeks!



  1. Love the colors on the wedding quilt. Looks great. Congratulations on soon being a grammy! (or mimi or nana or ??) It's fun for sure. Your quilt show looks huge! Was it a local guild or say, Road to California? I'd love to come out for that some year.

  2. Your baby quilts are really cute. Love that you make them for friends as well as family. BTW, when I clicked over from Judy's OTN link up, it says the blog page is not available. I hit the 'home' tab to get here. just a FYI,