Friday, August 4, 2017


Finally have my "peacock quilt" to the flimsie stage! Turned out much better than I thought! I had the fabric "hoarded" for years because I wanted to find the perfect pattern to show off the fabric! I was very disappointed with the results at the time, and put it away after the majority was sad....THEN...I ordered the matching gold to frame it, and cut a BIG border full of flowers and peacocks....and Much Better:

- Also got a request from hubby to make his gigantic head a knit cap, so:

And Amanda received to cap I made for her boyfriend...he is deployed so she is modeling it:

And timed myself making this next block..."WILD AND GOOSEY" from Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville:

15 minutes...not too bad...except that I need 480 blocks for a decent sized Quilt of Valor....hmm...but I LOVE PAPER PIECING,so this may just be a slow going quilt (one I gift to a veteran family member).
Also made one more block towards my "ANNIVERSARY QUILT"

Block 26 ....only 8 more to go....then the appliquéd border!
I will definitely be entering this quilt into the OC fair! At least that's the goal...we will see how the hand appliqué goes!

And for some crazy reason, I had a hankering to make socks! Seemed like a good airplane project, and we will be traveling to Virginia to spoil Kali next week, so I am prepared! Pics to follow!

Leaving you with another PERFECT finish:


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  1. wow, you really have a lot going on! The gold inner border on the Peacock Quilt really makes it pop. Caps, QOV blocks, Anniversary blocks - everything looks great. Especially Kali! Have fun on your visit!