Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tuesday and Fluesday

Had a blast on Tuesday.
Theresa and I attempted a simple (right!) slipper pattern. Took us most of the day to finish ONE SLIPPER! And that was only because Theresa figured out the stinking pattern. She went home, tweeked the prototype and finished her second one.

Jackie was here working on a cover for her husband's microscope----prototype worked out well---original pattern!

We even got Jana, sister #7, and my BF:
To work on the quilt strips!

My brother Jeff and my brother-in-law came too. We are able to go to Tustin Brewery for a beverage and then back home,where my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and the ever so beautiful niece of mine, Emily came for dinner and dessert!

Then Wednesday, I was sick as a dog! Thought it was something I ate, until Sherwood came home from work with same symptoms---OMG the aches our muscles had and the's Saturday now and we are just BEGINNING to feel better!
This put me behind and some deadlines, so I will have to make up for lost time during this week!


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