Saturday, July 23, 2011

When the children become the parent

So... Darkel (my oldest daughter's boyfriend) got leave from the NAVY to visit his dad. His dad is doing well after the motorcycle accident from earlier (6 weeks ago). He is finally at home, but has rehab for his cognitive thinking and physical therapy for his shoulder, etc. This is rehab from 9am-5pm five days a week.

Darkel was able to break away and meet us for lunch yesterday at San Clemente Pier--

So we are sitting at the restaurant, enjoying the view and waiting for Darkel

AND DAD GETS THE FOLLOWING TEXT FROM MELYSSA, as she had to stay in Virginia:

"Be appropriate. Don't embarrass me. Act your age. Be smart. Be safe. Don't talk about your thong or the time I sharted in the library parking lot when I was 7"

REALLY.......since when did the daughter parent the parent....and do we really need the advise????

Funny how I remember having almost the same conversation with both my girls not too long ago when we were meeting my friends for lunch......oh the tables have turned!

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