Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Fruitful Day

Theresa and Cathy came over today for quilting/sewing day:
I turned this:

into this:

Finally, A "Navy" scrub to wear and think of Darkel (my hero) serving for us!

Then I FINISHED a quilt for ME!!!!:
Scraps from James and Jeffrey's quilts:

Also, been wanting to make a few of these: Halloween Towels: Here's the prototype:

And scrunchies:one to match Theresa's scrub and a few with a cool material: roar!

A fruitful day just feels so good!!!


  1. I LOVE the Navy scrub and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Halloween towel. Super cute!!!

  2. I love the Halloween towel, too. It's not a hint...well, yes it is... :)

  3. YAYYYYYYYY! Finally! Now... SD Charger scrubs.