Thursday, September 1, 2011


Haven't posted in a while...been busy traveling to Virginia. I LOVE my IPAD except for the fact that I cannot add photos to blogger from it and that was my only computer access. I find I have little to say without pictures, so here are some of what I've been up to:

Darkel was unfortunately not there the whole time because when the hurricane was predicted, the navy takes all it's ships out of port so they don't get hurt by the weather.
Darkel was kind enough to let us use his Charger for the week:

We booked a two night stay in Washington DC to get away from the hurricane and to see the sites:

One the way,we stopped at a restaurant that served the most AWESOME pancaakes:

And sweet tea:

That gave us enough energy to stop at the OUTLETs:I got a new BRIGHTON purse and Melyssa got a new COACH purse--thanks, mom!

Finally made it to Washington DC, where it rained like crazy. But that didn't deter us from seeing the sites. Took a bus tour in the rain anyway:

Met Sonya and Brad Darkel's aunt and uncle for dinner. Super nice couple. They were nice enough to take us to more sights. We visited the Pentagon:
Brad then took us to a cafe that Bill Cosby made famous when he bragged about their chili.

We drove back to Virginia Beach

Had a nice Italian dinner at:

Did some "touristy" shopping

The last day, Melyssa treated us to breakfast at the beach--one of her favorite spots:

The last night,we grilled some steaks, and stayed over at Darkel and Melyssa's new apartment.
A Great Time Was Had By All!!!


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures even in the rain. I'm glad you all had a fabulous time and even happier to have you all safe.

  2. whoo hoo love my parents in ponchoes!