Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When the Cat's Away

OH yeah... my big treat is that I totally take over the living room and get out my Bernina and ironing board and cutting board and go to town. I rented 4 DVDs and am having the time of my life...staying up all hours, turning up the volume on the TV...eating whenever the mood strikes....

So, I decided to start a quilt for my sister, Jessica's 50th birthday. It isn't until March 7, but I am making a scrappy purple pineapple quilt and each square has 45 pieces in it. Purple is her FAVORITE color!
I spent all evening yesterday washing and ironing the material, and today I cut and cut and cut it up into small pieces.
Then I proceeded to make 2 squares, got the hang of it and it should go smoother and faster now!

The squares measure 7.5 inches, so I will make 64 squares and then add a border and maybe silky purple binding--just because that reminds me of Jessica!

You are probably saying to dangerously.....but as they say:


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