Friday, November 25, 2011

New Tradition

So I go to set the table for our Thanksgiving dinner today, and I realize that my tablecloth is missing!! I tell my husband that he MUST go get another one at Bed, Bath and Beyond and he states, "I am not going to any major store on Black Friday!!! You mean to tell me that with ALL the fabric you have that you can't just whip one up?"

Many scathing looks and eyerolls later (yup-that's me!), I go and pick out my VERY FAVORITE autumn material (that I have been saving because it's too beautiful to cut)from my stash:

and some funky gold material (don't remember where or why I got this)!
And I made this:

After this meal I will back and quilt it so that it becomes our traditional tablecloth for Thanksgiving!

Sherwood says, "I told you so---easy, peasy!"

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  1. It was so beautiful! I am definitely proud to have been there at the birth of a tradition. I look forward to many years of Thanksgiving Dinners at this beautiful table! Love you guys!