Thursday, November 17, 2011


Been working on alot of things:

Melyssa picked out the yarn for this scarf while we were in Virginia in August---just started to be cold enough here for me to work on this at night:

Hubby bought this material for me when he was on his annual fishing trip. This is from Bridgeport:

Got dreams of what I will do with these lovely batiks!

Got definite plans on using this later (next year)!

Also, took me all day Veteran's Day to whip up a NAVY scrub hat for my friend Danny (yes a Navy Vet). He took a silly picture wearing it, but you get the idea. Danny works in Cath Lab and usually wears his "Raiders" scrub hat. Now he has two to alternate!
This is one of those "quick" projects that took me ALL DAY, because the instructions were written, and I am a Visual learner. So alot of ripping out of seams happened. When all was said and done, it really is an easy pattern!

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