Friday, May 11, 2012

All my ducks are in a row

Darkel and Melyssa returned home from Virginia. Darkel is now stationed in San Diego. I hope he has a LONG, LONG, LONG stay here in California!

His dad, sister and best buddies are here, and I am sure they will be happy to have him home too!

Darkel made it here from Virginia in record time----- they left Virginia at 5pm on Wednesday and drove practically straight through and landed here at 8:30pm tonight, Friday!!!

They were exhausted and really didnt want their picture taken, but I think they look wonderful!!!



Amanda was home to welcome D&M, and Tony dropped by to say hi:


Darkel is off first thing tomorrow to pick up his new car:



And where was Sherwood (you know he hates missing out on anything), but fishing was involved- he's in Bridgeport with his bud, Pete:



But he remembered to take his camping quilt I made him years ago:



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