Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Noodle or slanted star?

I was itching to make a farfelle noodle quilt. As I was putting the squares on the design wall, I see more of a slanted star! Either way, I love the colors!



Now if you know me, you know that my LEAST favorite color is grey, but I am having a wonderful time seeing these colors pop with a "ash" background......my friend, Susan will probably have a case of the vapors...because we have had the "I hate grey" conversation (btw..her house is grey).

I also have NEVER made a scrap quilt, so this is another first for me! The only material I am using for this quilt is the ash cotton (bought yesterday) and scraps from my stash! The only plan is to use bold colors!




  1. I LOVE GREY!!! Looks awesome, Jo!!

  2. Grey certainly has it's place and you found a lovely one with those scrappy blues and greens.