Thursday, November 7, 2013


One of my best friend (and mentor, and "sister and fellow RN) is fighting cancer! I am a nurse who feels completely powerless to help. I can help heal so many who come through my work, but where it matters most, I can do so little! I have been in a rare funk because of this, i can't seem to get her off my mind!
She is not in pain. She has a GREAT attitude! She is brave! She has battled cancer before (20+ years ago) with grace and determination!She goes this week for her second round of chemo!

Her hair is starting to thin, so I made her a few caps:

Orange is her favorite color!
My friend Sandy and i also are making her a quilt, so she can be wrapped up in all the love we out into it!
The backing will also have orange in it! We will be giving her the caps on Saturday and the quilt on Monday! I really need to move on the quilting as I work this weekend!

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