Friday, November 1, 2013

Got to love making prototypes....


I hate a "learning curve" and I knew for sure that the two weaknesses I am challenged with constantly in my life are patience and tolerance!

With others, and with myself!

So I challenged myself to make my own pattern for my friend's tablet!

Tried one.....scratched as too thick!

Tried another....scratched as too bulky!

Tried the third time and....much better! Learned alot about myself again!

I was determined to "grow" during this process-no cursing, no throwing, no having a terrible pressure put on myself, just doing this until I liked the end result!

So, it definitely took me a while, but now (with maybe a little tweaking) I have made the last prototype!

The material that I used helped me to stay focused on enjoying the PROCESS as well as the results!

I mean come many people can say they have a 430 square feet od space to use for their hobby!

I am blessed!!

As far as my friend is concerned....i'm sure she liked the cover, as she blogged about it!







  1. When I make new bag patterns I end up with prototypes as well. I wish it would all just work out the first time! I'm sure your friend loves the tablet cover. Lucky friend.

  2. I am that lucky friend and I LOVE my new tablet cover. JoEllen is magical as far as I am concerned!!!

  3. What a cute little tablet cover JoEllen. Sometimes its tough to learn about ourselves... some things we would just rather not know ; ) Hugs to you girl...