Saturday, December 21, 2013

Keep on truckin'

Yes, it's been 3 days of pure quilting! It's 2:31 am and i am just getting into bed! The bad news is that I cannot show very many projects, because they are Christmas presents. Here are some of the things i have been finishing, these people don't read my blog :(

A teeny blanket for a close friend's toddler!

I am just THRILLED. With myself! This quilting is only the second pattern I can do on my Bailey---mostly because I HATE the learning curve that goes with experimenting, but i just started and it turned out great-loop-d-loops. Stippling is the only pattern i have done on all my other quilts!

A surprise pillow made for my sister who is visiting from Vacaville for Christmas! I thought this Christmas photo was great of her and her family!





The Wedding Quilt is also done, except sewing down the back of the binding and creating the label!

It will be given on Christmas Eve to my daughter and son-in-law!

AND i also noticed something by pure accident! I have been saving (protecting) (hoarding) my beautiful quilt cookies and when I noticed that some were gone, there were even more patterns than just the one's on the top:


I also made and delivered 2 pillows I made from upholstery material. I forgot to take a picture before i delivered them, but my Goddaughter thanked me and sent a picture of them! The material is very cute, with words hidden within the pattern. My daughter's admired the material as well!



That's all, until I can reveal the "quilty presents" later!



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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my pillows from the awesome, talented JoEllen! Thank you again! They are perfect!! Lucky me!! :)