Thursday, April 10, 2014

Applique Experimentation

I am trying very hard to LOVE the applique process! I have read SO MANY applique books, blogs on applique, I own 7 different applique DVDs (which I have watched a million times) and I have taken 2 different applique classes. My applique looks horrible!

I tried the glue basting around freezer paper, and the pieces looked wonderful----until I tried to remove the paper, then-disaster----the paper was so hard to get out, that it ruined my perfect applique lines!


I tried the approach of using the marked line and the overlay/lightbox/pinned fabric on, and have not had great success with that method either!

I had good success with the turned edge/thread basted on top method, but it is very time consuming and I feel like I have sewn the piece on twice!

The most common applique I have done is fused and machine appliqued---great success, but I am determined to learn a hand applique method, so I can have a portable project.

So, my experiment tonight was to try freezer paper/starch method! I copied leaves on freezer paper, and then ironed on double freezer paper (D), triple freezer paper (T) and plain poster board (P). The website I am totally enamored of is Kerry is my newest mentor, and through her site I am looking forward to learning to applique half as good as she does!



They look great WITH the paper still attached, but the proof will be when I remove them!




So far the all look great, with crisp edges-let's see how it looks when appliqued to fabric....stayed tuned!

My newest gadget is this iron that I have seen Kerry her use on her blog:



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  1. Hello, my name is JoEllen and I am a quilt-aholic.
    Hi, JoEllen!!
    What a fun hobby for you, even with all its frustrations!! You create! What could be better?!