Sunday, April 20, 2014


If you haven't heard of the game "Tripoly"-run to your nearest game store or buy it on Amazon NOW! This is without a doubt the BEST family game since "Hand and Foot" and easiest enough for a new player to understand after the first round!

We celebrated my brother Jeff's bday and played all evening----and my mom eve n played again!



Good time, good times!

I made this for my mom's bedroon door for Easter. she was a painter and painting instructor when she was younger and her eye site was better. She tells me all the time how much she misses painting! I can't imagine not being able to quilt, so I empathize!


Oh, and I needed to make a new plastic bag holder for my kitchen.....St. Patrick's Day one came down and this one went up!


Then made a reversible tablerunner for my bff: the table runner like my friend is both classy and funny!


And I also made a KINGS cosmetic bag for my sister:

Now I only have a piece left that's 13x18-but I have plans!

Also working on 2 pj "sewing" pants-in progress, will show later!

Nice day, just the usual suspects and I:

Happy Easter!




  1. Ummm, are those PIGS I spy??? Just asking...

  2. Love Pigs!! Beautiful table runner! Love Leslie