Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Favorite Thing

My niece, Emily spent the day with me! We talked about her upcoming 11th birthday and decided she would take home her Janome sewing machine, "Ruby". In order to make her sewing corner successful, we traveled to JoAnns to pick up the necessary tools of the trade: pins, seam ripper, tailor's chalk, scissors thread, sewing case, tape measure......

Back at my house, Emily got a few lessons about cutting, threading her machine, bobbin winding, etc

She made a mat with pockets for under her Janome: quilted her "cherry blossom fabric" and made pockets and all:





Auntie Jo's favorite......passing quilting skills on!



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  1. JoEllen you are the best! I'm seriously tearing up reading this. Emily has been on cloud 9 since she came home. She got up and immediately started work on her sewing corner. She's watched a few videos to make some things and even researched some fabric on line. She is so happy. Thank you for being so important in her life. Love you!