Friday, July 25, 2014

Tripoly Dime Bags

Going to Palm Springs today for a much needed relaxing day of just floating on a raft in the pool and reading my latest novel. At night my sister's brother and I will get into a competitive game of Tripoly!

Well I already have my "dime bag" and so does my sister, Jana, but I made Juli and. Jackie one with rolls of dimes in it for their July bdays!

Juli's has the aprons on it because she is our resident cook on our vacations!

Jackie's has Mary Engelbreit fabric just because it's so darn cute (just like her)!

Jeff's (my baby brother) is the 49ers bag:

Janeene's ( my oldest sister) gets the USC bag!

On another note: here are Melyssa and Darkel arriving in Las Vegas for their

National Championship!



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