Tuesday, September 2, 2014

60th bday quilt

One of our friends turned 60 today. I made him a quilt full of all the things that reminded me of him! I first met him and his wife at his annual Lobster Fest at the beach. He and his wife sponsored that for years!

He went to Michigan State, so that was represented!

He was a pharmacist at the hospital we work at, until he transferred to our sister hospital.

He and my husband meet quite often at the local brewery, so beer and wine represent this!

Also he is one of a handful of guys who go fishing for a week with my hubby-in the Sierras to catch trout! Represented!

And last, but not least we have gone to a few concerts together-so RUSH, BAD COMPANY, and BB King are also on the quilt!


The back is all WOLVERINE fleece!

Finished just in the knick of time...



Btw-the white material that's ace the concert names seemed to striking against the other colors, so I soaked it in coffee for about 2 hours, then rinsed with diluted white vinegar to set the color...and much better....I loved how it turned out and will be using this method again to tame colors:

Before and after!




  1. Jo this is absolutely beautiful and heartfelt. Love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!

  2. Joellen thank you so much for the amazing quilt! I was completely surprized. It is really cool that you were able to include all the interests and memories over the years. Right now I have it on the guest bed in our condo in Solvang. It looks fantastic. Paul

  3. By the way, congratulations on 3rd place in the OC fair! Too bad your quilt was not open for display. pg