Friday, September 5, 2014

Tooting My Own Horn husband thinks that I was underwhelmed about winning third place for our daughter and son-in-law's wedding quilt (Storm At Sea).

Actually, I was thrilled to get the Participation Ribbon and the free ticket to the fair, and rather shocked that my entry won a ribbon.

But I was less than thrilled at them spelling my name wrong and how my quilt was displayed at the fair:


You cannot tell what patterns is, nor see the hearts....and I did go to the trouble of putting a sleeve on to hang.....perhaps I am being petty!

One of my friends told me that a lot of Vendor quilts were hanging...I hadn't noticed!

This is the quilt! It not only has special meaning because it was a wedding quilt, but Storm At Sea Pattern was picked because he is in the Navy, and the intertwined hearts represented the 2 of them.....mushy, I know----even the black and white has personal significance!


The ribbon now has a special place in my sewing studio, and the more I see it, the happier I am!





  1. So proud of you! I bragged like crazy at work. It really is so beautiful. Although they didn't do it justice, they were at least smart enough to give it a ribbon! Love you!

  2. Your talent in the "sweatshop" never fails to amaze me! Those ribbons need a cool shadow box in which to be displayed to remind you of your accomplishment! Kudos, my talented friend!

  3. The quilt is absolutely amazing and I agree - it was not given its due by not hanging it! I would have been disappointed too. Congrats on the ribbon though! The red hearts are a wonderfully ingenious touch :)