Friday, March 6, 2015


My BFF is a planner! For that I am most grateful! You see we travel together once a year, for her to run a half marathon, and I cheer her on! She plans all sorts of site seeing adventures that always include quilt shops for me!

I am grateful that she is the planner (although that puts the burden on her---I would be happy just staying in the hotel room, sitting by the pool, eating at nearby restaurants), but the adventures we have had due to her planning are certainly "priceless".
So far our adventures have taken us to New York, San Fransisco (a few times), and Seattle.
This year, we will be traveling to Colorado!
So I am happy to make her "planners" to celebrate the seasons, holidays, etc.
And her newest, pictures taken from her blog,
Other things I am working on----a secret gift for my sissie's 50th bday-to be shown later, and I am continuing to plug away on my Anniversary Quilt, Midnight Floral Fantasy by Karen Kay Buckley:
I love to paper piece, so these pineapple blocks have been super fun to make! So many more to go...

I have also really enjoyed making the hundreds of leaves and berries for the borders! The spray starch method of turning the edges over before I appliqué them down has been my favorite part, even as time consuming as it is! I watch my detective shows and work the day away!

In fact, I loved turning those leaf edges so much, I started another blue scrap project, I believe is called Joseph's Coat!
























This is certainly a labor of love! I hope my hand appliqué does this quilt justice!



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  1. Love, love, LOVE my planners. Easter is early this year! You better get working!! I don't have a red, white and blue one either!!
    I plan the trips and you plan the planners!! It works!