Saturday, June 6, 2015

Vanvouver...A;aska Cruise...Seattle

I have written this post a few times on my ipad, and could not get it to upload any of the pictures, so I am writing this on my HP, hoping to get this out!

We had an absolute blast on our vacation!


We caught our ship--Royal Carribean's "Jewel of the Sea" in Vancouver:

Onboard we met and shared our dinners with the most wonderful family, the Riekers (minus dad here). We felt so at home with them and our meals were full of wonderful conversation and we exchanged stories of our outings. Nicole and Heather reminded us a lot of our daughters, and it was nice to be around such nice young women. Al and Jean are great parents! It was nice to spend time with them and swap stories, and in the end numbers and facebook hookups!


Our waiters were so professional and friendly-mealtime was a great experience all around!

IN Juneau:

Sherwood caught a plane to go fly fishing:
While I found a quilt shop and added to my stash:
The next day, we were in Skagway, where we caught a helicopter to the glaciers:

heart shaped lake-view from helicopter:
 And another quilt shop: 
A little trinket for me from hubby (hat courtesy of jeweler):
A few days "at sea" and then we docked in Victoria:



Then, finally we left the cruise in Seattle, but not before my wonderful husband won the grand prize in BINGO ----a 6-8 day cruise for 2 to THE CARRIBEAN!!!!! A complete shocker!!!

Seattle----second time I have been there, but so much to see and do---our hotel was walking distance to almost everything!
We had dinner while going round on top of the Spaceneedle:

 Then visited the Chihuly museum:

                                         Pike's Market, Brewery and quilt shop:


Smart business sense---give the husband a beer ticket for brewery downstairs, so his wife can shop to her hearts content:



                                                                  And fresh oysters galore:
                                         A GREAT, MEMORABLE TIME FOR SURE!


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  1. Looks like you had an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing :-)
    How exciting another trip coming up that's FREE!!! Who hoo