Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Bit Un-Focused

I HAD to put needle to fabric and test out my "idea" for the jelly roll Sherwood bought my when he was out of town last week!

Of course I started with my favorite strip (blues and lavenders), which by the way was the one my daughter Melyssa picked out when I asked her to pick out a strip for me to start with! The block turned out nicer than I even expected! Just 1 1/2 inch black strips and the jelly roll strip!


And now, just look at all the yummy colors that will see into blocks to follow:

I can see this being a "manly" quilt! Sherwood asked me what my plans for this quilt are, and I think I gave him the stink eye! Who needs a "plan" for a quilt?

These are other quilts that I am working on that I have no "plans" (recipients) for:

In all fairness, the following are my "leader and Enders" ala Bonnie Hunter and Quiltville quilt-a-long:

I just used my Accuquilt cutter and cut small tumblers out of "Autumn" scraps! Only the light color was purchased! I am sure I have enough to get 2 quilts out of these!

I just LOVE straight sewing all these pieces! ZEN!

Here's a random picture sent to me this week of my husband's friend's son still using the quilt I made him with his name embroidered on it....he is out growing it and I have been commissioned to make him a full sized "Curious George" quilt for Christmas!

I am waiting for fabric to come in the mail for 3 quilts now, then I will be powering them out!



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