Monday, October 5, 2015

So..."1Hour Basket" Pattern

I interrupted all my "should do" projects to make the "1 Hour Basket".

It probably would take me about one hour next time, but I make templates this time, so I could cut this out easier next time to save time! So it took me:

Not too bad!


A little too floppy for my taste, next time I will use double fleece, or maybe thicker fabric. I will also add interfacing to handles! Otherwise this pattern was very easy to follow and I had a cute result!


This would be a perfect baby shower gift, stuffed with diapers, or bibs and burp pads






  1. That is adorable!!! Love that basket....hint...hint! :)

  2. Is there a pattern for this? I'm starting the great Christmas gift-making countdown and something that I could make in an evening after working would be wonderful!

  3. Super cute! I appreciate the time tracking---I have this pattern too and wondered if it could be done in an hour!

  4. Cute! I appreciate you sharing your critique. I have yet to make a 1-hour basket. I'll keep those in mind for when I do.

  5. Very Cute basket.... is there a tutorial in your future? Or a link to a tutorial? It looks similar to one I saw years ago on another blog.